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Volume 90, #2 • Spring 2017




Cristina T. Bejarano, University of California, Riverside
on Megan Crowley-Matoka’s Domesticating Organ Transplant: Familial Sacrifice and National Aspiration in Mexico

M.W. Amarasiri de Silva & Steven M. Albert, University of Pittsburgh
on Tom Widger’s Suicide in Sri Lanka: The Anthropology of an Epidemic

Susan Ellison, Wellesley College
on Daniel M. Goldstein’s Owners of the Security and Survival in the Informal City

Haidy Geismar, University College London
on Shannon Lee Dawdy’s Patina: A Profane Archaeology



Cindy Horst, Peace Research Institute Oslo
on Cathrine Besteman’s Making Refuge: Somali Bantu Refugees and Lewiston, Maine

Maurice Rafael Magaña, University of Arizona
on Ulrich Oslender’s The Geographies of Social Movements: Afro-Colombian Mobilization and the Aquatic Space

Leila Sinclair-Bright, University of Edinburgh
on Shannon Morreira’s Rights After Wrongs: Local Knowledge and Human Rights in Zimbabwe

Tyler Zoanni, PhD Student, New York University
on Shanti Parikh’s Regulating Romance: Youth Love Letters, Moral Anxiety,
and Intervention in Uganda’s Time of AIDS

Volume 90, #2

Spring 2017

Producing Ebola: Creating Knowledge In and About an Epidemic