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Volume 87, #4 • Fall 2014



Islamic Sounds and the Politics of Listening

Jeanette Jouili & Annelies Moors  | Islamic Sounds and the Politics of Listening

Brian Larkin |  Techniques of Inattention: The Mediality of Loudspeakers in Nigeria

Kendra Salois |  Make Some Noise, Drari: Embodied Listening and Counterpublic Formations in Moroccan Hip Hop

Isaac A. Weiner |  Calling Everyone to Pray: Pluralism, Secularism, and the Adhān in Hamtramck, Michigan

Jeanette S. Jouili  |  Refining the Umma in the Shadow of the Republic: Islamic Performing Arts and New Islamic Audio-Visual Landscapes in France



Gareth Barkin & Vanessa Hildebrand |  Midwife Radio: The Entangled Trajectories of Global Health Programming, Broadcast Media, and the Indonesian State

Susan C. Dewey |  Recovery Narratives, War Stories, and Nostalgia: Street-Based Sex Workers’ Discursive Negotiations of the Exclusionary Regime

Janet McIntosh  |  Linguistic Atonement: Penitence and Privilege in White Kenyan Language Ideologies

Faedah M. Totah |  “Nothing Has Changed”: Social Continuity and the Gentrification of the Old City of Damascus

Deborah Matzner |  “My Maid Watches It”: Key Symbols and Ambivalent Sentiments in the Production of Television Programming in India



Nusrat S. Chowdhury |  “Picture-Thinking”: Sovereignty and Citizenship in Bangladesh

Merrill Singer  |  Zoonotic Ecosyndemics and Multispecies Ethnography



James D. Faubion  |  Franco La Cecla and Piero Zanini’s The Culture of Ethics

Larry Merkel  |  Jean M. Langford’s Consoling Ghosts: Stories of Medicine and Mourning from Southeast Asians in Exile

Rashmi Sadana  |  William Mazzarella’s Censorium: Cinema and the Open Edge
of Mass Publicity

Anders Sjögren  |  Carola Lentz’s Land, Mobility, and Belonging in West Africa

Matan Kaminer  |  Vincanne Adams’s Markets of Sorrow, Labors of Faith: New Orleans in the Wake of Katrina


Islamic Sounds and the Politics
of Listening

Introduction by Jeanette S. Jouili and Annelies Moors

Volume 87, #4

Fall 2014