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Volume 87, #3 • Summer 2014



Hybrid Landscapes: Science, Conservation,
and the Production of Nature

Reade Davis & Laura Zanotti  | Hybrid Landscapes: Science, Conservation, and the Production of Nature

Carolyn A. Jost Robinson & Melissa J. Remis  |  Entangled Realms: Hunters and Hunted in the Dzanga Sangha Dense Forest Reserve (RDS), Central African Republic

Lisa Meierotto  |  A Disciplined Space: The Co-evolution of Conservation and Militarization on the U.S.-Mexico Border

Laura Zanotti |  Hybrid Natures?: Community Conservation Partnerships in the Kayapó Lands

Sara Jo Breslow  |  Tribal Science and Farmers’ Resistance: A Political Ecology of Salmon Habitat Restoration in the American Northwest

Reade Davis  |  A Cod Forsaken Place? Fishing in an Altered State in Newfoundland

Daniel J. Murphy  |  Ecology of Rule: Territorial Assemblages and Environmental Governance in Rural Mongolia



Hybrid Localities

Petra Kuppinger |  Mosques and Minarets: Conflict, Participation, and Visibility in German Cities

Denise Lawrence-Zúñiga |  Bungalows and Mansions: White Suburbs, Immigrant Aspirations, and Aesthetic Governmentality



Ian Whitmarsh  |  The No/Name of the Institution



Protest in Brazil


Alexander S. Dent & Rosana Pinheiro-Machado  |  The Cellularity and Continuity of Protest in Brazil

James Holston |  “Come to the Street!”: Urban Protest, Brazil 2013

Anelise dos Santos Gutterres  |  “It’s Not Easy, I Ask for Public Mobility and the Government Sends Skull Against Me”: An Intimate Account of the Political Protests in Rio de Janeiro (June & July, 2013)

John F. Collins  |  An Ethnography of the Week(s) Before the Flood: Cash Money, Progressive Politics, and Revolt in Millennial Brazil

Gregory Duff Morton |  Protest Before the Protests: The Unheard Politics of a Welfare Panic in Brazil

Anthony D’Andrea |  2013 Protests in Brazil: The Kite and the Byte in New Forms of Popular Mobilization



Felicia Hughes-Freeland |  Rachmi Diyah Larasati’s The Dance that Makes You Vanish: Cultural Reconstruction in Post-Genocide Indonesia

Chris Hann  |  Karolina S. Follis’s Building Fortress Europe: The Polish-Ukrainian Frontier

Gowoon Noh |  Jaesok Kim’s Chinese Labor in a Korean Factory: Class, Ethnicity, and Productivity on the Shop Floor in Globalizing China

Amanda Weidman  |  Francis Cody’s The Light of Knowledge: Literacy Activism and the Politics of Writing in South India

Dianna Shandy  |  Cati Coe’s The Scattered Family: Parenting, African Migrants and Global Inequality


Volume 87, #3

Summer 2014


Hybrid Landscapes; Science, Conservation, and the Production of Nature