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Volume 86, #2 • Spring 2013



Laying Claim to Authenticity: Anthropological Dilemmas



Dimitrios Theodossopoulos |  Laying Claim to Authenticity: Five Anthropological Dilemmas

Charles Lindholm  |  The Rise of Expressive Authenticity

Dimitrios Theodossopoulos  |  Emberá Indigenous Tourism and the Trap of Authenticity: Beyond In-authenticity and Invention

Cornelius Holtorf  |  On Pastness: A Reconsideration of Materiality in Archaeological Object Authenticity

Roy Ellen  |  “These Rude Implements”: Competing Claims for Authenticity in the Eolithic Controversy

Marcus Banks |  Post-Authenticity: Dilemmas of Identity in the 20th and 21st Centuries

Michaela Benson  |  Living the “Real” Dream in la France profonde? Lifestyle Migration, Social Distinction, and the Authenticities of Everyday Life



Josh Fisher  |  Fair or Balanced? The Other Side of Fair Trade in a Nicaraguan Sewing Cooperative

Daniel Reichman  |  Entrepreneurship in a Pickle: Innovation and Arbitrage in the Sea Cucumber Trade



Daniel Rosenblatt  |  Stuff the Professional-Managerial Class Likes: “Distinction” for an Egalitarian Elite



Linda J. Seligmann  |  Andrew Canessa’s Intimate Indigeneities: Race, Sex, and History in the Small Spaces of Andean Life

Erik Harms, Aniket Aga, Meredith Davis, Edward Han Myo Oo, Henry Lewis, Chris Marnell, Jen Matichuk, Yohanna Pepa, Kathy Phan, Eli Rivkin, Jaime Sunwoo, Lien Tran, and Andy Vo |  Claudio Sopranzetti’s Red Journeys: Inside the Thai Red-Shirt Movement



Thomas Carter |  P. Sean Brotherton’s Revolutionary Medicine: Health and the Body in Post-Soviet Cuba

Molly Doane |  Liza Grandia’s Enclosed: Conservation, Cattle, and Commerce Among the Q’eqchi’ Maya Lowlanders

Eric Hoenes del Pinal  |  John D. Early’s Maya and Catholic Cultures in Crisis

Joshua D. Rubin Noel Dyck’s Fields of Play: An Ethnography of Children’s Sports


Laying Claim to Authenticity: Anthropological Dilemmas

Introduced by Dimitrios Theodossopoulos

Volume 86, #2

Spring 2013