The Private Performance of Salat Prayers: Repetition, Time, and Meaning

by Niloofar Haeri

Volume 86, #1

Winter 2013

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Volume 86, #1 • Winter 2013



The Private Performance of Salat Prayers:
Repetition, Time, and Meaning

by Niloofar Haeri



Mara A. Leichtman  |  From the Cross (and Crescent) to the Cedar and Back Again: Transnational Religion and Politics Among Lebanese Christians in Senegal

Othon Alexandrakis |  Neoliberalism and the New Agora: Exploring Survival, Emergence, and Political Subjectivity among Pluralized Subaltern Communities in Athens, Greece

Nikkie Wiegink  |  Why Did the Soldiers Not Go Home? Demobilized Combatants, Family Life, and Witchcraft in Post-War Mozambique

Susan Frohlick  |  Intimate Tourism Markets: Money, Gender, and the Complexity of Erotic Exchange in a Costa Rican Caribbean Town

Michelle C. Johnson  |  Culture’s Calling: Mobile Phones, Gender, and the Making of a African Migrant Village in Lisbon

Wendi A. Haugh |  Against Apartheid: Nationalists, Cosmopolitans, and Language Ideology in Northern Namibia

Alicia W. Peters  |  “Things that Involve Sex are Just Different”: US Anti-trafficking Law and Policy on the Books, in their Minds, and in Action



João de Pina-Cabral |  The Two Faces of Mutuality: Contemporary Themes in Anthropology



David Stoll  |  Three Ethnographies of Escape via Pyramid Schemes



Jason Baird Jackson |  Christopher A. Scales’ Recording Culture: Powwow Music and the Aboriginal Recording Industry on the Northern Plains

Robert Parkin  |  Marshall Sahlins’ What Kinship Is—And Is Not



Debra A. Budiani-Saberi  |  Sherine Hamdy’s Our Bodies Belong to God: Organ Transplants, Islam, and the Struggle for Human Dignity in Egypt

Bartholomew Dean  |  Gabriel Cabrera Becerra’s, (ed.) Viviendo en el bosque. Un Siglo de investigaciones sobre los makú del Noroeste amazónico

Daniel J. Gilman  |  Mark Allen Peterson’s Connected in Cairo: Growing up Cosmopolitan in the Modern Middle East

Evan Koike |  Yoko Tokuhiro’s Marriage in Contemporary Japan

Ellen Moodie  |  Elana Zilberg’s Space of Detention: The Making of a Transnational Gang Crisis between Los Angeles and San Salvado