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The Unmentionable: Verbal Taboo and the Moral Life of Language

Volume 84, #1

Winter 2011

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Volume 84, #1 • Winter 2011



The Unmentionable: Verbal Taboo and the
Moral Life of Language

Edited by Luke Fleming & Michael Lempert


Luke Fleming & Michael Lempert | Introduction: Beyond Bad Words

Judith T. Irvine | Leaky Registers and Eight-Hundred-Pound Gorillas

Robert Moore | “If I Actually Talked Like That, I’d Pull a Gun on Myself”: Accent, Avoidance, and Moral Panic in Irish English

Susan E. Frekko | Containing Castilian in Catalan Talk Radio: Heteroglossia and the Projection of Monoglot Identities

Joel Kuipers | Unmentionable Others: Representing Participation Frameworks in School Science

Rupert Stasch | Word Avoidance as a Relation-Making Act: A Paradigm for Analysis of Name Utterance Taboos

Eve Danziger | Once More with Feeling: A Forbidden Performance of the ‘Great Speech’ of the Mopan Maya

Luke Fleming | Name Taboos and Rigid Performativity

Michael Silverstein | Presidential Ethno-blooperology: Performance Misfires in the Business of “Message”-ing

Michael Lempert | Avoiding “The Issues” as Addressivity in US Electoral Politics

Susan Seizer | On the Uses of Obscenity in Live Stand-Up Comedy

John B. Haviland | Who Asked You, Condom Head?



Herbert S. Lewis | Douglas Cazaux Sackman’s Wild Men: Ishi and Kroeber in the Wilderness of Modern America

Karen Ann Faulk | Barbara Sutton’s Bodies in Crisis: Culture, Violence, and Women’s Resistance in Neoliberal Argentina

Frances Norwood | Helen Stanton Chapple’s No Place for Dying: Hospitals and the Ideology of Rescue

Derek Pardue | Marina Peterson’s Sound, Space, and the City: Civic Performance in Downtown Los Angeles

Kedron Thomas | Enrique Desmond Arias and Daniel M. Goldstein’s (eds.) Violent Democracies in Latin America

Suzanne Marchand | Andrew D. Evans’s Anthropology at War: World War I and the Science of Race in Germany