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Volume 89, #1 • Winter 2016



To Bind and To Bound: Commensuration Across Boundaries

Edited & Introduced by Joseph Hankins & Rihan Yeh


Joseph Hankins & Rihan Yeh
|  To Bind and To Bound: Commensuration
Across Boundaries

Kelda Jamison  |  Hefty Dictionaries in Incomprehensible Tongues:
Commensurating Code and Language Community in Turkey

Rihan Yeh  |  Commensuration in a Mexican Border City: Currencies, Consumer Goods, and Languages

Lily Chumley |  Seeing Strange: Chinese Aesthetics in a Foreign World

Joseph Hankins  |  Wounded Futures: Pain and the Possibilities of Solidarity



Ellen Block  |  The AIDS House: Orphan Care and the Changing Household
in Lesotho

Sandra Rozental  |  In the Wake of Mexican Patrimonio: Material Ecologies in
San Miguel Coatlinchan

Jaro Stacul  |  From the Mayor’s Viewpoint: Political Speech and the “Spatialization
of the State” in Northern Italy



Julie Peteet |  The Work of Comparison: Israel/Palestine and Apartheid



Carwil Bjork-James  |  Marisol de la Cadena’s Earth Beings: Ecologies of Practice Across Andean Worlds

Nicolas Howe  |  Eben Kirksey’s Emergent Ecologies

Girish Daswani  |  Webb Keane’s Ethical Life: Its Natural and Social Histories



Lesley Jo Weaver  |  Veena Das’s Affliction: Health, Disease, Poverty

Shunsuke Nozawa  |  Jason Danely’s Aging and Loss: Mourning and Maturity in Contemporary Japan

Nigel Rapport  |  Michael Jackson’s Harmattan: A Philosophical Fiction

Frederick Klaits |  Andrea C. Abrams’s God and Blackness: Race, Gender, and Identity in a Middle-Class Afrocentric Church

Lauren E. Deal |  Rebekah Park’s The Reappeared: Argentine Former Political Prisoners

Robert Phillips |  Moshe Shokeid’s Gay Voluntary Associations in New York:
Public Sharing and Private Lives

Anar Parikh  |  Ahmed Afzal’s Lone Star Muslims: Transnational Lives and the
South Asian Experience in Texas

Justin T. McDaniel |  Andrew Alan Johnson’s Ghosts of the New City: Spirits,
Urbanity, and the Ruins of Progress in Chiang Mai

Netta van Vliet |  Ilana Feldman’s Police Encounters: Security and Surveillance
in Gaza under Egyptian Rule

Volume 89, #1

Winter 2016


To Bind and To Bound: Commensuration Across Boundries