Volume 93, #2

Winter 2020

Trusting the Poor: Cash Grants and the Caring Bureaucrat in Kenya
By Tom Neumark

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Volume 93, #2 • Spring 2020



Dario Nardini  | Between Tatami Mats and Sawdust: The Ambiguity of Breton Wrestling Sites

Victoria Fomina   |  “How to Earn a Million in the Glory of God?” Ethics and Spirituality among Orthodox Entrepreneurs in Contemporary Russia

Francis Cody   |  Metamorphoses of Popular Sovereignty: Cinema, Short Circuits, and Digitalization in Tamil India

Michael M. Prentice  |  Old Spirits of Capitalism: Managers and Masculine Alterity in/as the Korean Office

Tom Neumark  |  Trusting the Poor: Cash Grants and the Caring Bureaucrat in Kenya

Britt Halvorson   |  Reassessing Charitable Affect: Volunteerism, Affect, and Ethical Practice in a Medical Aid Agency

Kimberly Arkin   |  What Can Words Do? Debating a “Good” Death in French Palliative Care



Luigi Russi  |  Meeting Your Neighbor For Another First Time: The Work of Second-order Reflexivity in Communication During the COVID-19 Emergency in Italy



Jacob Wainwright Love   |  Gavin Steingo’s Kwaito’s Promise: Music and the Aesthetics of Freedom in South Africa

Kelly D. Alley  |  Karine Gagné’s Caring for Glaciers: Land, Animals, and Humanity in the Himalayas

Samuel Gerald Collins  |  Rebecca Bryant and Daniel M. Knight’s The Anthropology of the Future

Chuck Darrah |  Eitan Y. Wilf’s Creativity on Demand: The Dilemmas of Innovation in an Accelerated Age

Thomas Hylland Eriksen  |  Bruno Latour’s Down to Earth: Politics in the New Climatic Regime

Kate Galloway  |  Rachel Mundy’s Animal Musicalities: Birds, Beasts, and Evolutionary Listening

Rachel Rinaldo   |  Nancy Smith-Hefner’s Islamizing Intimacies: Youth, Sexuality, and Gender in Contemporary Indonesia

Loukia K. Sarroub  |  Neha Vora’s Teach for Arabia: American Universities, Liberalism, and Transnational Qatar

Piergiorgio Di Giminiani & Viviana Huiliñir-Curío  |  Cecilie Vindal Ødegaard and Juan Javier Rivera Andía, eds. Indigenous Life Projects and Extractivism: Ethnographies from South America